Активна брана 37 SX 300DKH

активна брана 37 SX 300DKH
Снимка: активна брана 37 SX 300DKH
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22 800 €
Цена без ДДС
≈ 24 360 US$
≈ 44 592 лв.
Вид активна брана
Дата на производство 2011
Местонахождение Холандия Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel
Дата на публикуване повече от 1 месец
Autoline ID KL4708
Габаритни размери широчина - 3 м
Регистрационен номер 0870140131
Допълнителна информация: английски
Culture: Onions, Potatoes, Red beets, Vegetables
Imants spading machine with rake roll
With hydraulic adjustment
Working width 300 cm
Weight 1890 kg
Year of construction: 2011
This spading machine has only done 40 Hectares and is as good as new!
The latest  37 series is the perfect choice for tractor models up to 120 hp
The cultivator is 3 meters
The machine has otimum working depth  The ideal operating speed is 4.5 km/h, giving the machine an excellent work-rate at least 1 hectare per hour
The rotor-shaft is chain driven from either side of the machine via a centrally mounted differential gearbox, to ensure even power distribution, perfect balance, smooth running and very low vibration levels
Primary cultivation is performed by the continually rotating spade blades operating across the full width of the machine
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