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Вид конвейер
Местонахождение Холандия Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel
Дата на публикуване повече от 1 месец
Autoline ID DZ9781
Допълнителна информация: английски
Culture: Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Celery
This harvesting conveyor belt can be used for the harvest of almost all by hand harvested crops, like cabbage, cauliflower, endive, celery,  lettuce, broccoli, etc
By using these harvesting conveyors, the crop will be harvested in one single pass
Except the time saved on labour, the profit  is also a cleaner crop with less damage
These harvesting conveyor belts can  easily be mounted on almost every farm trailer
This new aluminium harvesting conveyor belt is custom made to your needs
So they can be manufactured to any desired length and properties
The harvesting conveyor belt comes standard with
Automatic belt tensioning device
Variable speed
Hydraulical drive
Hose package of 10 meters
Hydraulic fittings at the rear
Options that can be mounted on the harvesting conveyor belt
Electro-hydraulic height support
Automatic end stop (stops the conveyor when a crops is about to fall off at the end)
Driving chassis to drive the conveyor to the field by tractor or car
Side transportation on the trailer
Raised edges on the side of the conveyor belt, to provide the crop against falling
LED lights
Design of these harvesting conveyor belts are unique by a CAD system and be manufactured according to your wishes
Price on request
We can make you a quote if you inform us about the following details
Length of the harvesting area of the conveyor belt (The horizontal part above the field, measured from the bend)
Width and height of the harvesting trailer (If possible send us any pictures or drawings of the trailer)
Type crops that you want to harverst
Any further wishes or options
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