Нов пътнически бус MERCEDES-BENZ Sprinter 516, DYPARRO 22+1 Seats

нов пътнически бус MERCEDES-BENZ Sprinter 516, DYPARRO 22+1 Seats
Снимка: нов пътнически бус MERCEDES-BENZ Sprinter 516, DYPARRO 22+1 Seats
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64 900 €
≈ 76 699 US$
≈ 126 931 лв.
Вид пътнически бус
Дата на производство нов
Брой места 23
Местонахождение Румъния Moinesti
Дата на публикуване повече от 1 месец
Номер в каталога на продавача 801c70ef3c5b70d0097aee0ab15f37c9
Autoline ID UL6877
Мощност 163 к.с. (120 кВт)
Гориво дизел
Обем 2198 см³
Евро VI
Скоростни кутии
Вид ръчна
Автономен отоплител
Състояние нов
Допълнителна информация: немски
Standard equipment - Extension of the body (cu cca, 350 mm); - Rear trunk lid with vertical translation; - Elevated seats from wheel wells for 3 rows of seats; - Glass front door on the right side electrically operated with BCE mechanism and lower entry stairs; - Plush seats Sege 22 pcs, with backrest lid with UNI stoff, handles on the back, belts in 2 and 3 points, hoods, mounted on rails according to EU standard; - Simple glass windows (tinted); - Air conditioning Autoclima 14,5 Kw; - Climate pipes with luggage rack; - Heater Webasto Thermotop C (apa) 5 kW; - Longitudinal radiators (2 pieces) with fans operated with electrically opening system kit; - TM Fridge; - Thermal and phonic insulation of the passenger compartment; - Floor covered with anti skid linoleum, wear-resistant in tune with the interior; - Interior upholstery with plush fabric; - Lighting in the passenger compartment - 3 ceiling lamps with two positions (wakefulness and lighting); - Preparation for mounting LCD and reversing camera; - Radio DVD Blaupunkt with microphone; - Electronic clock with temperature display; - Lighting at the acces steps (Light profile and Spot); - Curtains at every window in the passenger compartment; - Mounting stainless stell bars inside and at the entrance + sleeves; - Sunroof glass emergency exit; - Hammers beside the emergency exits,ideograms,inscriptions according to EU standard - First aid kit ( 1 pcs ); - Fire Extinguishers ( 1 pcs ); - - - Optionals - Panou spate cu luneta mare si capac acces cala bagaje; - Extension of the body with original doors of the VAN ( with 350 mm); - Light profile with two positions attached to the both climate pipes; - Ceiling fan / pcs; - Heater Thermo 90 ST (apa) 9 Kw; - BCE mechanism for opening the original front door to the front; - Autocool electric mechanism to operate the original door; - Electrically-operated stair ? Autocool; - Double glass windows (tinted); - Price difference for extra-high double glass windows (tinted); - Price difference for windows with raised exterior; - Superior window above the windshield; - Raised podium on both sides for all seats; - Side luggages 1,02 mc (102 kg); - Recessed luggage space with extension of the body with deepening storage space for the spare tire; - Recessed luggage space without extension of the body with deepening storage space for the spare tire; - Ski box without assembly; - Mounting the trailer hook to extended body without deeper luggage space; - Mounting the trailer hook on deeper trunk; - Frenzel Fridge(Fokt 611); - DVD and monitor 15?/17?/19''; - Ornaments dashboard and armrests in walnut imitation; - Stellar roof (LEDs); - Price dif./seat for: leather headrest /pcs / only sides /pcs / leather headrest and sides /pcs/ full leather / pcs; - Price difference for seat covered in Micromotion stoff / pcs; - Guide seat; - Price difference for upholstery with Micromotion stoff; - Price difference for metallic painting and varnshing; - Additional painting (the front and rear bumpers and side flaps; - Additional painting with black above the window and on the dome
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