Нов ремарке за трактор METAL-FACH T736/2, new tipping trailer, EU warranty!

нов ремарке за трактор METAL-FACH T736/2, new tipping trailer, EU warranty!
Снимка: нов ремарке за трактор METAL-FACH T736/2, new tipping trailer, EU warranty!
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3 790 €
Цена без ДДС
≈ 4 703 US$
≈ 7 412 лв.
Модел T736/2, new tipping trailer, EU warranty!
Вид ремарке за трактор
Дата на производство 2017
Товароподемност 1500 кг
Нетно тегло 610 кг
Брутно тегло 2110 кг
Местонахождение Полша Zgorzelec
Дата на публикуване фев 16, 2018
Autoline ID UK12171
Брой полуоски 1
Размер на гумите 10.0/80 12.10 PR
Спирачки барабанни
Състояние нов
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Product with EU warranty.
Certificate of Conformity CE.

All products purchased from Top-Agro have been tested and are safe for the user.


Price for 1,5 tones trailer. Other models available!
Type T736A
1 Load capacity [kg] 1500
2 Gross combined weight [kg] 2110
3 Weight [kg] 610
4 Total length / width / height* [mm] 3690/1665/1168-2006
5 Cargo space length/width/height [mm] 2530/1502/400 or 800
6 Cargo space height from ground [mm] 850
7 Capacity [m3] 1.6
8 Top section height [mm] 700 (net)
9 Top section capacity [m3] 4.5
10 Tipper / tipping angle (rear/sides) rear 45o
11 Wheel system single axle
12 Body shape rectangular
13 Body with rear side wall opening system V
14 Chassis frame type v-frame
15 Ø40 mm ring hitch V
16 Hitch adapter [mm] V
17 Single-section pneumatic brake system V
18 Double-section pneumatic brake system •
19 Hydraulic brake system •
20 Overrunning brake system •
21 Manual parking brake with crank handle V
22 Wheel track depending on the axles and rims [mm] 1200
23 Tyres 10/75-15.3 10PR or 10.0/75-15.3 13PR, 10.0/80-12 PR10
24 12 V lighting system V
25 Side outline light (reflective) V
26 Connection line for lighting instalation V
27 Telescopic cylinder V
28 Wall profile spaces closed with continuous weld V
29 Two wedges for wheels located in pockets V
30 Cataphoretic protection of metal surfaces V
31 Two-component chemohardenable painting materials of high durability and UV resistance V
V standard
● optional

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