Нов сондажна машина FRASTE XL 140

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245000 €
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Модел XL 140
Вид сондажна машина
Дата на производство 11/2018
Отработени часове 28 м/ч
Нетно тегло 9300 кг
Местонахождение България София
Дата на публикуване повече от 1 месец
Autoline ID ED19020
Дълбочина на изкопаване 500 м
Габаритни размери 6.27 м × 2 м × 2.95 м
Резервоар за гориво 170 л
Марка Caterpillar C4.4
Вид V-образен
Мощност 109 кВт (148 к.с.)
Гориво дизел
Обем 4400 см³
Брой цилиндри 4
Евро Euro 6
Филтър за твърди частици
Състояние на гумите 100 %
Допълнително оборудване
Резервоар AdBlue 19 л
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Допълнителна информация:
BRAND NEW - FRASTE Multidrill XL 140 Drilling Rig

- Basic frame :
Manufactured with tubular pipes and shaped and welded sheets, suitable for crawler carrier fitting.
Includes : hydraulic oil tank, fuel tank and two hydraulic cylinders for the mast rising.
No. 4 hydraulic stabilizers, two in the rear side with single control and two in the front mounted on turning support arm with independent control.
All cylinders are supplied with block valve.
Basic frame equipped with four hooks for the drilling rig lifting.

- Power unit :
CATERPILLAR C4.4 diesel engine, 4400 cm³ displacement.
4 cylinders, turbocharged with aftercooler, water cooled.
24 V electrical system.
Power : 110 kW (148 Hp) @ 2200 rpm.
Emission class : EU Stage IV – EPA Tier 4 Final.
Engine equipped with the following modules for the exhaust post treatment :
- DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) ;
- SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction).
Complete with canopy and soundproofing.
Ad Blue (Urea) tank capacity : 19 litres.
Fuel tank capacity : 170 litres.

- Hydraulic system :
- No. 01 open loop piston pump – Delivery 150 lt/min @ 280 bar – in Load Sensing, for feeding of one proportional distributor with three elements;
- No. 01 open loop piston pump – Delivery 260 lt/min @ 260 bar – in Load Sensing, for feeding of one proportional distributor with ten elements ;
- No. 01 gear pump – Delivery 42 lt/min @ 220 bar – for service operations;
- No. 01 gear pump for oil cooling ;
- 10 micron absolute filtering system with filters on pressure and discharge lines and oil cooler.
- Oil tank capacity: 250 litres.

- Adjustable control panel fixed on the drilling rig by an arm equipped with two hinges. This system allows a perfect view of the drilling area under any condition.
It groups all the drilling rig controls, adjustment valves, pressure gauge and all diesel engine controls (tachometer and hour meter).

- Mast dump :
Hydraulic shifting device mounted on counterslide for complete mast assembly vertical movement.
Stroke : 600 mm.

- Drilling mast for 3000 mm drill pipes.
Steel tubular structure with drawn steel lateral guides for rotary head carriage sliding.
Pull-down system with gearmotor and Fleyer chain.

Pull-up force: 10000 daN
Pull-down force: 6800 daN
Stroke: 3500 mm
Mast capacity: 10 ton.
Pull-up speed: 30 mt/min.
Pull-down speed: 30 mt/min.

- Support/guide chain for flexible hoses between the rotary head and the drilling mast.

- Rotary head support trolley, with hydraulic aside shifting device to allow free passage of winch cable in the hole vertical and front rotation device with hydraulic cylinder for drill pipes loading operation.

- speeds rotary head.
Monobloc steel construction with transmission gears and oil bath bearings.
Driven by two hydraulic motors.
Two-speed selection with serial and/or parallel hydraulic motors connection from the control panel.
Inner dump shaft with spring shock absorber.
Air/mud injection swivel, internal passage 60 mm.

Speeds and torques:

1st speed: 0 – 640 daNm @ 0 – 126 rpm;

2nd speed: 0 – 1280 daNm @ 0 – 63 rpm.

- Drill pipe wear sub flanged to the rotary head, thread to be specified.

- Double hydraulic clamp, 60 – 280 mm
Clamping diameter from 60 to 280 mm for drill pipes and casing holding and break out.
Both are fitted with flow divider for a centred and simultaneous clamping. Adjustable clamping force from 0 to 14000 daN.
Upper clamp mounted on thrust bearing, with rotation for the breaking with two hydraulic cylinders.
Breaking torque: 4400 daNm.

- Hydraulic winch.
Single line pull: 2000 daN – 1st layer
Sped: 55 mt/min
Supplied with 30 mt cable diam. 10 mm with turning hook, weight and cable tensioner.

- Hinged mast extension with head and pulleys.
Total distance between the head and the upper clamp: 7000 mm.

- Rubber chain crawler carrier – Capacity 9000 daN.
Total width: 2000 mm
Belt length: 2445 mm
Shoe width: 400 mm
Superable angle: 27°
Speed: 2 km/h
Radio remote control complete with belt, control unit, power set and no. 2 batteries.

- Bean/FMC A04 duplex piston foam pump.
Driven by hydraulic motor. Adjustable delivery from control panel.
Complete with relief valve and maximum pressure control.
Max. delivery: 34 lt/min (9 GPM)
Max. pressure: 38 bar (550 PSI)
Supplied with suction hose 4000 mm length and foot valve.

- Bean/FMC L06 triplex piston mud pump.
Driven by hydraulic motor. Adjustable delivery from control panel.
Complete with relief valve and maximum pressure control.
Max. delivery: 160 lt/min (43 GPM)
Max. pressure: 48 bar (695 PSI)
Supplied with suction hose 4000 mm length and foot valve.

- Screw type mud pump, hydraulic driven.
Adjustable delivery from control panel.
Max. delivery: 600 lt/min (159 GPM)
Max. pressure: 12 bar (174 PSI)
Supplied with suction hose 4000 mm length and foot valve.

- 2’’ air valve with hydraulic control, with open and close adjustable speed to connect the separated compressor.

- Down-the-hole hammer line lubricator.
With adjustable oil lubricator delivery through Venturi principle.
Oil tank capacity: 8,5 lt ( 2,25 USGallon)
Pressure: 30 bar (435 PSI)

- Drill pipes side storage for 40 pcs pipes size 76mm 2000 metar long made by two “L” tubular pipes, mounted on the opposite side of the control panel.

- LED light system – high efficiency and long duration in order to light up the drilling area.
Total capacity: 4800 lumen.
Composed by:
No. 2 lights mounted on mast head turned to the drilling area.
No. 1 light mounted on stabilizers or on the control panel turned to the clamp.

- Fraste standard painting :
- GREEN RAL 6021 for the case and the mast ;
- GREY RAL 7021 for the basic frame.
Painting complies strength and thickness requirements according to ISO 2409 regulation.
Painting includes the use both primer and enamel water-soluble (water based).
Phases of painting :
- Sandblasting of components S.A. 2 – 2.5
- Application two layers of water-soluble epoxy resins anticorrosive primer, with a thickness of 50 – 60 μm
- Application two layers of water-soluble acrylic resins enamel, with a thickness of 50 – 60 μm.

- Technical Information
The above FRASTE Multidrill XL 140 Drilling Rig will be supplied with appropriate technical/informative literature, that includes:
- Fraste General instruction books for its use and main safety information and parts
- Operation/ instructions book for each component and related parts catalogue.
- Fraste CE Conformity Certification.
- Language: English

- Guarantee:
14 (fourteen) months from delivery date at customer site or 1500 working hours, whichever comes first, as per Fraste standard guarantee conditions. until 03/2020
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