Нов торачка METAL-FACH VIKING Düngerstreugeräte, Manure spreader, Épandeur de fumier, N

нов торачка METAL-FACH VIKING Düngerstreugeräte, Manure spreader, Épandeur de fumier, N
Снимка: нов торачка METAL-FACH VIKING Düngerstreugeräte, Manure spreader, Épandeur de fumier, N
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Модел VIKING Düngerstreugeräte, Manure spreader, Épandeur de fumier, N
Вид торачка
Дата на производство 2016
Местонахождение Полша Zgorzelec
Дата на публикуване фев 16, 2018
Autoline ID ZX12170
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New manure spreader VIKING!

Top-Agro is offical partner & distributor of Metal-Fach brand


The new manure spreader from Metal-Fach can carry an impressive load of 14 tonnes in a load body of 13.4 m3. The tandem chassis runs on parabolic suspension springs. The installed hydraulic-powered floor conveyor has a reinforced design and 14 mm thick chain links. This machine is an all-rounder. The special adapter facilitates spreading various grades of manure
peat or compost. The spreader is efficient
durable and safe. The conveyor chains are tensioned by tension screws. The floor conveyor is protected from overloading with a friction coupling. The special design of this machine facilitates even spreading of manure at distances from 8 to 12 m. The spreading dose volume can be adjusted with a hydraulic-powered rear gate. The gate features a lift indicator for improved safety
The 500 mm top sections of the Viking give 5 m3 of load capacity. The overall load body dimensions are 5 m in length and 2 m in width. The floor to ground clearance is a mere 1.5 metres. The maximum tow bar load is 3 tonnes
The Viking features a shell type load body and a tow bar with hydraulic shock absorption for coupling with the lower hitch. The machine as standard features a Scharmuller hitch with a 40 mm lug. 50 mm lugs are available on special order. The hydraulic-powered support foot is also a standard accessory. The machine is controlled from the tractor cab. The hydraulic DCV is an optional accessory. The basic Viking version has a pneumatic braking system
which can be optionally upgraded to a hydraulic system. The N272/3 Viking features a hydraulically actuated rear wall with a gate
and an access ladder for servicing the load body
Type N272/3
1 Load capacity [kg] 14000
2 Body capacity [m3] 13.4
Overall dimensions
3 Length [mm] 7890
4 Width [mm] 2550
5 Height [mm] 3390
Loading space dimensions
6 Length [mm] 5000
7 Width [mm] 2000
8 Height (top section) [mm] 1350 (500)
9 Kerb weight [kg] 6580
10 Gross combined weight[kg] 20580
Tractor requirements
11 Power demand [hp] 135
Adapter characterictics
12 Type Vertical with 2 spreading drums
13 Adapter weight [kg] 1020
14 Adapter drive Tractor PTO (1000 rpm)
15 Jointed telescopic shaft for adapter drive 900 Nm
Machine characteristics
16 Spreading width [mm] 8000-12 000
17 Wheel system Tandem-type on parabolic springs
18 Wheel track [mm] 1940
19 Tyres 550/60-22.5 16PR
Electrical system
20 Electrical system voltage [V] 12
Optional equipment
21 500 mm high hydraulic top section + 500 EUR NET
22 Hydraulic brake + 350 EUR NET
23 600/55-22.5 tyres + 1400 EUR NET
24 Wide-angle shaft + 350 EUR NET
25 4-sectional directional control valve + 470 EUR NET
26 Scales with an electronic control system + price for incuiry

We are official distributor of Metal Fach
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