Машина за миене на подове ISAL PB 55 ET

машина за миене на подове ISAL PB 55 ET
Снимка: машина за миене на подове ISAL PB 55 ET
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Марка ISAL
Модел PB 55 ET
Вид машина за миене на подове
Местонахождение Холандия Zwijndrecht
Дата на публикуване окт 09, 2017
Номер в каталога на продавача CSNL1000103
Autoline ID ZM4410
Десен волан
VIN 0187001-7394
Цвят сив
Допълнителна информация: английски
Location: NL,
special priced special priced special priced!!!!!!!!! UNUSED OVERYEAR MODEL PB 55 ET (electric motor) Central Sweeping system: longer life brushes, filters, minimal dust, longer working time. Adjustable front and side brush. Raising and lowering the side brushes on the control panel. Hard / tough and reliable, all steel chassis. Mechanical transmission to the rear wheels. Easy to use control panel. Tip charging (version ET). . Filter levels for optimum dust control. Easy to maintain. Type: Battery powered (ET) SPECIFICATIONS PB 55 ET Sweeping SYSTEM . . Sweeping width and left side main brush cm 50 50 Theoretical max. surface at time of sweeping m² 2700 2700 Recovery tank capacity l 36 36 The filter surface of the filter m² 2 2 ENGINE . . 12V DC electric motor In 600 3 / 4 Battery / Service V / Ah 1x12/140 - 2x6V/220 - DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT . . Length cm 134 134 Width cm 68 68 Height cm 98 98 Weight (empty) (*) without battery kg 92 96 ACCESSORIES ON REQUEST . . Electric filter shaker YES 1 Battery 12V - 140 A / h YES Automatic battery charger 12V - 20 A / h YES 2 6V Batteries - 220 A / h YES Automatic battery charger 12V - 30 A / h YES Specifications and technical details are subject to change, the manufacturer reserves the right without prior notice.,
This offer is only a non-binding information offer and is only an invitation to further negotiations. For more details please contact us.
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