Нов ремарке автовоз WIOLA L35G65P Tilted trailer 650x204cm 3500kg!

5 287,77 €
Цена с ДДС
4 299 €
Цена без ДДС
≈ 4 870 US$
≈ 8 408 лв.
Модел L35G65P Tilted trailer 650x204cm 3500kg!
Вид ремарке автовоз
Дата на производство 2019
Брой коли 1
Товароподемност 2560 кг
Брутно тегло 3500 кг
Нетно тегло 940 кг
Местонахождение Полша Gietrzwałd
Дата на публикуване фев 12, 2019
Autoline ID AV16502
Размери на каросерията дължина - 6.5 м, широчина - 2.22 м
Състояние нов
Цвят оранжев
Допълнителна информация: английски
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Ideally sized:
Length (internal): 6500mm
Width (internal): 2040mm

Gross Vehicle Weight: 3500kg
Empty weight: 940kg
Paylaod: 2560kg

Overrun device with coupler AL-KO 3500kg with AKS 3004 stabilizer
* 3 axles 3x1350kg AL-KO with elastic elements Neidhart type
* Loading platform hydraulic tilted with pneumatic cylinder
* Aluminum loading area
* Tires 195/55 R10C
* Frame, shaft: bent from steel, welded
* Hot-dip galvanized construction
* Jockey wheel
* Manual winch 901A AL-KO
* Spare tire
* Hand pump for tilting and lowering the loading area
* Plastic wedges
* ALU ramps 300mm length
* Electric 12 V
*13 pin plug

Optional equipment (as option):
* available in different colors (yellow, red, black and blue)
* Wooden floor in the middle - 250 €
* Aluminum floor in the middle - 350 €
* 6 x shock absorbers - 220 €
* LED lamps - 120 €
* Spare wheel - 100 €
* Wheelstopper - 35 €
* 4 straps - 33 €
* Tool box or box on the drawbar for the straps or other equipment - 80 €


We will transport the trailer directly to the address given by you.
Depending on the model and country we will give you delivery price.
The delivery time is between 2 and 8 weeks, depending on the availability of the selected model
We can prepare transit plates and you can also collect your trailers by yourself.
All the documents you need for registration will be sent to you together with the delivery. We will give you 12/24 months guarantee.

Mazzo Maciej Kubiński is a company with 10 years history, based of our work started
on 2007. The company Mazzo is located at Olsztyńska 46 street in
Gietrzwałd. We have the biggest square with the largest selection of trailers in our
Mazzo is the dealer leader in selling new trailers.
Our company selling trailers from the biggest and from the best trailers manufactures
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Our company boast over 10 years of experienced in selling, modernizing and servicing
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our offer more than 500 models.
Our trailers have an international homologation and all certificates required for
registration in the EU countries. Our team speaks English and German and is looking
forward to hearing from you. For and additional charge we can deliver our trailers
throughout Europe directly to your door.
If you are interested in our products or would you like cooperate with us – please
contact us by phone +48 668 073 049 or by e-mail sales@mazzo.pl.

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Extra equipment (like spare wheels, better winches etc.)
Shipping method (transport or collect by yourself)
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